GameMaker Studio creator is believed to have been sold to Opera for 8 million euros

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Developer Playtech has sold the company behind GameMaker Studio, YoYo Games, for 8.24 million euros. The buyer is most likely Opera Software, the maker of the Opera browser, although that company has not yet officially confirmed the news.

The sale of YoYo Games is mentioned in a company update from Playtech. “Playtech is pleased to say that it has finalized the sale of YoYo Games for $10 million,” the company wrote. Playtech makes software for online gambling and says in the update that it has grown considerably due to the corona crisis. The company said earlier that it wanted to focus more on that core task. YoYo Games is best known as the developer of GameMaker Studio. This allows users to build their own minigames.

Playtech itself does not write who has acquired YoYo Games. On the GameMaker forum, users think they have tracked down the buyer. For example, public records show that Opera Software employees have joined the board and the correspondence address has been changed to that of the Opera headquarters in Oslo. Opera itself has not confirmed the acquisition and it is not known what the browser maker wants to do with the developer. YoYo Games was acquired by Playtech in 2015 for $16 million.

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