Audi wants to make compact electric car based on VW’s MEB entry-level platform

Audi confirms that it will work on a compact electric car based on VW’s MEB Entry platform. This is a platform for electric cars with a length of up to about four meters, with relatively low costs.

Audi’s marketing chief Fermín Soneira Santos told Auto Express that Audi wants to offer a wide range of electric cars and that the company will, among other things, use MEB Entry. The Audi based on that platform has yet to be designed, so plans are at an early stage.

MEB stands for Modularen E-Antriebs-Baukasten and this is the platform of the VAG, or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, for electric cars. This does not only concern VW vehicles, other manufacturers can also use them and economies of scale should reduce costs.

VAG announced MEB Entry last year as an entry-level platform for small electric city cars in its ID line. Cars with a maximum length of about four meters and various battery packs are based on the platform, the smallest package of which would offer a range of approximately 200 kilometers. The price should be less than 20,000 euros and the first models should be available in 2023.