Audacity to change privacy policy text after criticism of data collection

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Audacity is going to revise the text in its privacy policy about data collection and sharing. The company behind the audio editing software received a lot of criticism from users earlier this month for announcing the collection of user data.

Audacity owner Muse Group wants to start collecting data from users and since then users have been worried about what will happen to this data. Therefore, in a response to GitHub, the company is trying to allay these concerns for users by specifying exactly what data the company collects.

According to Muse Group, they collect IP addresses, system information and what operating system the user has. In its response, the company emphasizes that the data is not shared with third parties. According to the company, IP addresses of users are stored under a pseudonym after 24 hours and cannot be traced. Muse Group writes that it needs the IP addresses for automatic updates and sending error reports.

With the change in the privacy policy in early July did not specify what exactly was collected data. The company only reported that it was “data necessary for investigation, prosecution and possible requests from authorities”. It was the second time that there was a lot of fuss, because earlier Audacity announced that it wanted to collect telemetry.

Audacity was acquired by Muse Group in May this year . This company is mainly known for Ultimate Guitar.

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