Attackers steal 78 million euros worth of cryptocurrencies at Liquid exchange

Unknown hackers have stolen 78 million euros worth of cryptocurrencies from the wallets of users of the Liquid exchange. Almost 14 million euros have been frozen, the rest is still in the hands of the criminals, as far as is known. It is not clear how the attackers got in.

The attack took place earlier this week. Liquid says approximately $91.35 million worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen from Liquid wallets “by an unauthorized party.” Of this amount, $16.13 million is said to have been frozen “thanks to the help of the crypto community and other exchanges.” It is not clear who the attackers are. The company says it is still investigating how the attack worked and will take measures to limit the consequences of the attack for users.

One of those measures is that all crypto withdrawals at Liquid have been blocked for the time being until the impact of the attack has been sufficiently assessed. In addition, users are advised not to deposit any more crypto ‘until further notice’. Other services, such as depositing and withdrawing fiat money, are still available.