Artist makes detailed work with only html and css

 Artist Diana Smith has focused on creating work using only CSS and HTML. For example, a kind of eighteenth-century painting by a woman called Pure CSS Francine. A nice extra is that it looks different in different browsers.

Smith says against Motherboard that she does about two weeks on every work that on GitHub view. On the page of Pure CSS Francine she explains the rules she has imposed on herself. All elements must be typed by hand, they can only use the Atom text editor and Chrome Developer Tools and restrict the use of svg’s.

By using only CSS and HTML, her creations look different in different browsers. She says about this to Motherboard: “If you look at the images in different browsers, you look back in a certain way on the history of the internet and what was expected of it in time.” That the results differ per browser, the online community also lagged behind in recent days. The results can be seen here.



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