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ARM version Windows will receive support for ARM64 apps in May

Microsoft released an SDK in May that enables developers to create 64-bit ARM apps for Windows 10 on ARM. That makes Microsoft known. So far only 32bit apps run on the Windows version.

Microsoft will officially unveil the introduction of the SDK during its Build Developer Conference in May. Developers can turn Universal Windows Apps and Win32 programs into ARM64 versions, reports Erin Chappie, general manager for Windows to Engadget.

Currently, Windows only supports 32bit apps on ARM: the ARM versions directly and x86 programs via emulation. Major speed improvements are not expected with the arrival of ARM64 apps. Microsoft does not yet report support for x64 software on Windows on ARM via emulation.

In December 2016 , Microsoft announced that it would be offering an ARM version of Windows 10. The first products with the OS are so-called Always Connected PCs with Qualcomm Snapdragon-socs and lte-modems. These systems are now starting to become available and have to distinguish themselves with long battery life, while the processor performance in relation to the price is not very high .

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