ARM invests in ceram memory technology

ARM has invested in Symetrix, a company that researches correlated-electron ram, a relatively new type of non-volatile memory. Ceram could be further reduced in size than current types of flash memory.

According to Symetrix, Ceram can be a good successor to the current nand-flash memory technology that could not be reduced further than to a 20nm process. The Ceram technology, an improved design over the difficult-to-manufacture reram, would be scalable to 5nm, the makers say. The ceram memory technology could also be integrated into socs.

ARM is interested in the ceram technology and has decided to invest money in Symetrix, according to the website Electronics360. It is not yet clear how high the amount is, but ARM would be interested in possibly licensing the technology in the future.

Until now, ARM has mainly focused on processor technology. The company licenses its chip designs to manufacturers. ARM chips are especially popular in mobile phones and tablets due to their relatively low power consumption.