Arduino introduces Uno R4 microcontroller with 32bit Arm CPU

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Arduino has announced the Uno R4 microcontroller. The board uses a 32-bit Arm CPU with a clock speed of 48MHz. The R4 has 32 kilobytes of RAM and 256 kilobytes of storage space. The sign comes out in May. It’s not clear how much it will cost.

The Arduino Uno R4 has a new Renesas RA4M1 CPU. This is a 32-bit soc based on Arm’s Cortex M4 architecture. According to the Italian company most software libraries are compatible with this CPU, but in some cases minor adjustments will still be required. The company will make available a list of such libraries. The R4 also features a 12bit dac, a USB-C port and a CAN serial data bus. The board can handle a maximum voltage of 24V.

There will be two versions of the Uno R4. One version will have a WiFi and Bluetooth module, while the other will have to do without this wireless technology. The company says the microcontroller will be on the market at the end of May, but has not yet announced an exact date. It’s also not clear how much the Uno R4 will cost. Interested parties can register on a waiting list to buy the plate as soon as possible.

Arduino Uno R4

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