Apple won’t make major changes to new iPad

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Apple would intend to give the new variant of the iPad that should be released this year the same design as the current version. The tablet may get a slightly larger screen, which would mean that the screen edges are thinner.

That emerged in a message posted online by Macotakara. Apple itself has not disclosed the plans, but the Japanese website says it has sources with information about the new iPad. The information in question would come from manufacturers who produce parts for the new iPad.

The yet to be released version of the iPad would have the same housing as last year’s version, while also retaining the headphone jack and fingerprint scanner. The screen diagonal may be increased from 9.7 “to 10”, but there is no unambiguous information about this yet, Macotakara said.

What no rumors have come out of yet is whether the Lightning port will be retained on the new iPad. For the iPhone to be released this year, Apple would still stick to Lightning, although future versions would have to have USB-C. Apple is already testing this.

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