Intel introduces new Coffee Lake CPUs and chipsets for desktops

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Intel has expanded its range of Coffee Lake processors with new models. It involves more variants of the Core i3, i5 and i7 and there are also new Pentium and Celeron models. In addition, Intel announced several new chipsets in the 300 series.

The new Coffee Lake processors for desktops consist of economical T-variants with a tdp of 35 watts and models with modified clock speeds, which are therefore between the existing six Core i3, i5 and i7 cpus get a place. Intel does not introduce models that are faster than the existing Core i7-8700K.
In the i7 series there is one addition in the form of the Core i7-8700T. This economical hexacore with hyperthreading has a speed of 2.4GHz with a boost to 4GHz. The tdp of 35 watts applies if the processor operates on its baseclock of 2.4GHz. With the turbo activated, the consumption will be higher.
Intel adds the i5-8600 and i5-8500 to the i5 series and comes in this series with three T variants. The new models all support vPro, except the cheapest variant. In the i3-series Intel comes with one new model and two T-variants of the existing cpu’s.

With the original release of Coffee Lake processors for desktops last year, only one chipset was available; the high-end Z370 variant. Intel is now presenting four new chipsets for Coffee Lake cpus. These are cheaper versions and versions intended for the business market.
According to Intel, the H370 chipset is suitable for both consumers and businesses. The functionality is largely similar to the Z370 chipset, but a usb 3.1 gen2 controller and 802.11ac wifi have been added, the number of pci-e-lanes is 20 times lower. The Q370 is a pure business variant, with Intel vPro support. The B360 and H310 chipsets operate the budget segment, the B version offers twelve PCI-e-3.0 lanes and the H version has to do with six PCI-e-2.0 lanes. The H chipset is the only one that does not support Optane SSDs and has no usb 3.1 gen2 controller built in.

The announcement of the new Coffee Lake-S processors for desktops coincide with the introduction of Coffee Lake-H, the first hexacore processors for laptops. In recent months, the list of new Intel CPUs and chipsets has already appeared frequently online. Now that the official announcement has been made, the products also have to come on the market quickly.

8th generation – Intel Coffee Lake processors
Cpu Cores Bells
L3 Tdp Price
Core i7-8700K 6/12 3.7 GHz 4.7 GHz 12MB 95W $ 359
Core i7-8700 [19659020] 6/12 3,2GHz 4,6GHz 12MB 65W $ 303
Core i7-8700T (new) 6/12 2.4GHz 4GHz 12MB 35W $ 303
Core i5-8600K 6/6 3.6GHz 4.3GHz 9MB 95W $ 257
Core i5-8600 (new) 6/6 3.1GHz 4.3G Hz 9MB 65W $ 213
Core i5-8600T (new) 6/6 2.3GHz 3.7GHz 9MB 35W $ 213
Core i5-8500 (new) 6/6 3.0GHz 4,1GHz 9MB 65W $ 192
Core i5-8500T (new) 6/6 2.1GHz 3.5GHz 9MB 35W $ 192
Core i5-8400 6/6 2.8GHz 4.0GHz 9MB 65W $ 182
Core i5-8400T (new ) 6/6 1.7GHz 3.3GHz 9MB 35W $ 182
Core i3-8350K 4/4 4GHz N / A 8MB 91W $ 168
Core i3-8300 (new) 4/4 3.7 GHz N / A 8MB 65W $ 138
Core i3-8300T 4/4 3.2GHz N / A 8MB 35W $ 138
Core i3-8100 4/4 3.6GHz N / A 6MB 65W $ 117
Core i3-8100T (new) 4/4 3,1 GHz N / A 6MB 35W $ 117
Pentium Gold G5600 (new) 2/4 3,9GHz N / A 4MB 54W nnb
Pentium Gold G5500 (new) 2/4 3,8GHz N / A 4MB 54W nnb
Pentium Gold G5500T (new) 2/4 3,2GHz N / A 4MB 35W nnb
Pentium Gold G5400 (new) ] 2/4 3,7GHz N / A 4MB 54W nnb
Pentium Gold G5400T (new) 2 / 4 3.1GHz N / A 4MB 35W nnb
Celeron G4920 (new) 2/2 3,2GHz N / A 3MB 54W nnb
Celeron G4900 (new ) 2/2 3,1GHz N / A 3MB 54W nnb
Celeron G4900T (new) [19659020] 2/2 2,9GHz N / A 3MB 35W nnb
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