Apple removes last bitcoin app from App Store

Apple has removed the last remaining bitcoin app from the App Store. It is the app of the popular Blockchain. Blockchain owner says Apple hasn’t given any reason and wants to secure its monopoly on payments within iOS.

iPhone and iPad users who still have the Blockchain app installed can continue to use it, but the app can no longer be installed or updated via the App Store. At the time of Apple’s removal of the app, there were more than 120,000 users worldwide.

With the removal of the bitcoin app from Blockchain, the last bitcoin app has been removed from the App Store. Apple has a zero-tolerance policy against apps that enable alternative payment methods on the iOS platform, but Blockchain has said in a stern response that its app has been on the App Store windows for two years without any problems and that the decision until its sudden removal is ‘historic’ and ‘never happened before’.

In addition, the bitcoin company states that due to Apple’s protectionist attitude, more and more users are ‘fleeing’ to Google’s Android platform. Hundreds of bitcoin apps are available on Android, while Google also promotes its own payment system on the platform with its Wallet payment service. In addition, the internet giant itself would study the possibilities of bitcoin.