Apple releases software update to fix FaceTime bug in group calling

Apple has released iOS 12.1.4 with which the manufacturer fixes a security problem in group calling via FaceTime. The company already had a fix ready last week, but then indicated that the fix would not be released until a week later.

In a summary of the security content of iOS 12.1.4, Apple describes that this new version contains a fix for the FaceTime problem in group calling. The solution is available for iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and sixth-generation iPod touch. The group calling feature in FaceTime should now be available again. Apple has released a similar update for macOS.

A week ago, Apple decided to disable the group calling option in FaceTime after a security vulnerability surfaced. Malicious persons could listen to group conversations on FaceTime and view the video images via the bug. This was possible by making a group call while ringing a private call by adding your own phone number.

Apple has previously apologized for the problem. The company was notified of the problem by an American woman; her 14-year-old son had discovered the bug. Despite reporting the bug directly to Apple through multiple avenues, it was initially largely ignored. For example, the company advised her to first create a developer account to submit a bug report from there.