Apple Releases iOS 15.1 with SharePlay and ProRes Video for iPhone 13 Pro Series

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Apple will release version 15.1 of iOS and iPadOS on Monday. These operating systems add support for SharePlay, among other things. iPhone 13 Pro devices can record ProRes videos after the update. The company also releases macOS Monterey.

Since Monday evening, iPhone and iPad users can download the new OS versions from their device’s settings menu. The updates add several new features. For example, SharePlay allows FaceTime users to watch movies and TV series or listen to music together.

The feature syncs such content, and users are all given the option to rewind or pause content. When people talk, the volume of the displayed audio or video is automatically reduced. Users can also share their screen via SharePlay, for example to view photos or web pages together.

Furthermore, iOS 15.1 adds support for ProRes recordings for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to an earlier beta version. It allows users with a 128GB model to record 1080p videos at higher bit rates, giving more room to edit the footage afterwards. Those with 256GB or more of storage can record 4k videos using ProRes.

The ProRes feature will not be available for the regular iPhone 13, nor for previous iPhones. iPhone 13 Pro owners can also manually turn the ultrawide camera’s macro mode on and off. Previously, that feature was enabled by default. iPhone users in the United States can further add their covid vaccination certificate in the Wallet app, but that does not yet work in the Benelux.

iOS 15.1 also fixes some other bugs, including a software bug that incorrectly reported iOS devices’ storage full when importing photos or videos. The HomePod and HomePod Mini will also receive support for lossless audio via Apple Music. The 15.1 update also adds support for Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio to HomePods.

Apple also released macOS Monterey on Monday, as the tech giant previously announced. With this update, the Safari browser gets a more minimalist design and support for grouped tabs, among other things. FaceTime on the Mac is also getting support for blurred backgrounds. SharePlay will be added to the Mac version of that video chat service later this fall. Universal Control, which allows users to control multiple Mac computers and iPads with the same keyboard and mouse, will also be available later for macOS Monterey.

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