Apple makes bundled Apple One subscription available

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Apple has made its One subscription service available. With this, users can get a subscription to iCloud, Arcade, Music and TV + for 14.95 euros. There is also a subscription for multiple users.

Apple announced the service in mid-September of this year, but only gave the release date ‘this fall’. So there is now clarity about this. The entry-level plan, Individual, offers 50GB of iCloud storage and the Family plan offers 200GB, divided among up to six users. The additional cost of the Family subscription is 5 euros, which brings it to 19.95 euros.

There is also a third Apple One subscription, but it is not available in Europe at the moment. Called Premier, this package costs $ 29.95, offers 2TB of iCloud space, and also includes Apple News + and Fitness +. Those two have also not yet been released in Europe.

Those who already have subscriptions to Apple’s individual services don’t have to do anything extra to make sure they don’t pay too much. According to a faq on iCulture, existing packages are combined with each other where possible and redundant subscriptions are automatically discontinued.

Individual Family Prime Minister
iCloud 50GB 200GB 2TB
Number of users 1 6 6
Music, TV +, Arcade Yes Yes Yes
News + No No Yes
Fitness + No No Yes
Price per month 14.95 euros 19.95 euros $ 29.95 (not available in Europe)

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