Apple is finally releasing us from the slow iPhone charger

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For years you can find a 5W charger in the box of every new iPhone. There is nothing wrong with that, because you can charge your phone with it. Only that is so slow. If you use a more powerful charger with more watts (for example that of the iPad), you can charge relatively recent iPhones (from the 6s) considerably faster. Apparently this news has finally penetrated Tim Cook. Last month there were renders but now photos from China have surfaced showing the new charger for the iPhone 2018. This will finally replace the slow 5W charger. In addition to more power, however, there are a number of other updates to the successor to the charger.

iPhone charger with usb-c

The photos appeared on the Chinese site Chongdiantou and show the American version of the new iPhone charger, which is an ‘engineering sample’ – an advanced prototype. Instead of the previously used usb-a-connection, the new charger now has one with usb-c would also mean that Apple for the first time a Lightning-to-usb-c cable in the box of the iPhone stops. If you want to buy such a cable in the Apple Store, you have already lost at least 25 euros.

Design matches renders

The design roughly corresponds to the previously mentioned renders. In terms of size, the iPhone charger is still comparable to the 5 watt charger, although it is slightly thicker. According to the specifications at the bottom, the new charger now has 5V at 3 amps (15 watts), or 9V at 2 amperes (18 watts). This would make charging three times faster. iPhone fully charging to 100 percent in less than an hour? Yes, please!

Incidentally, we have to make a comment. According to other rumors Apple wants to fully deploy wirelessly on the successor of the iPhone X and remove all connections on the phone. In that case, it is of course difficult to charge him with this charger. But with an AirPower mat it should also go much faster.


iPad-charger currently the cheapest solution of Apple

At the moment it is cheapest for iPhone users to buy a 12W-charger from the iPad with USB-a-connection, which can charge an iPhone X to 40 percent within half an hour The charger costs 25 euro A combination of the usb-c charger of the MacBook and a Lighting-to-usb-c cable is even faster (after half an hour). more than 50%), but also considerably more expensive. The MacBook power goes for 59 euros over the virtual counter of the Apple Store.

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