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Instagram starts with showing notification when user has seen all the new photos

Instagram starts showing a notification when a user has seen all photos from the past two days in the feed. The addition in the interface does not mean the return of the chronological feed.

According to Instagram, users want to make sure they have not missed recent posts from contacts and the report should be clear at a stroke to make. The message says ‘you’re all caught up’ or, in, ‘you are completely at’ and mention that all messages from the past two days have passed.
That is not the end of the feed; users can still scroll through to view messages from a long time ago. The step is probably the prelude to a tool that shows how long users spend in the app. Instagram announced that function some time ago.
There has recently been more attention for the excessive use of apps. This way, both Android and iOS have built-in tools, with which users can limit themselves when using apps. The addictive effect of apps has been in the spotlight for a long time.

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