Apple event: Apple Watch series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad 8th Gen & iPad Air

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Today it was time for a new Apple Event from Cupertino, California. But not as we are used to. Not a full house with press and fans, and a lot of cheers at a new announcement. No, this time a more normal presentation due to the coronavirus. Of course, you can follow it live everywhere. It is an event where the focus seems to be on the Apple Watch & iPad, with possibly at the end … “Oh yeah, one more thing.”

After a brief introduction from Tim Cook, it was time for Jeff Williams to talk about the next edition of the Apple Watch.

Jeff Williams about the new Apple Watch series 6.

The Apple Watch saves lives, Tim Cook announced with a number of user stories. And that’s why new eHealth functions will follow in the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple today announced the Apple Watch Series 6. This has been improved on many points. For example, the Watch can now also measure saturation, so that you can keep an even closer eye on your health. It also features an S6 System in Package (SiP) and an always-on next-generation altimeter, and you can choose from more colors than ever before, for both the case and the straps. WatchOS 7 also contains all kinds of new features, such as Family configuration, tracking your sleep pattern, automatic detection when you wash your hands, new workouts (fitness), and the possibility to share watch faces. All these innovations are intended to allow you to exercise more, to keep an even better eye on your own health and to keep in touch with the people around you.

“Apple Watch Series 6 redefines the concept of smartwatch,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer. “With powerful new features such as an oxygen saturation sensor and Saturation app 1 , you really can’t do without an Apple Watch if you want to have a good picture of your overall health.”

Oxygen Saturation Sensor and Saturation App

The Apple Watch Series 6 naturally includes all the health benefits of the previous Apple Watch models and a new feature that measures the oxygen level in your blood. This gives you a better picture of your fitness and health. Oxygen content, also called saturation, is the percentage of oxygen (SpO 2 ) that is transported in your red blood cells from your lungs to the rest of your body. From this you can read how the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body is doing.

The oxygen saturation sensor uses four sets of green, red and infrared LEDs and the four photodiodes on the Apple Watch case to measure the light reflection of your blood as accurately as possible, regardless of your skin type. Apple Watch then uses an advanced algorithm in the Saturation app to determine the oxygen level in your blood, provided it has a value between 70% and 100%. When you are not in motion, for example when you are sleeping, the oxygen level is measured regularly in the background by default, but you can also take measurement yourself. All data ends up in the Health app, where you can also view the progress of your saturation within a certain period.

Apple, together with a number of researchers, will look at how saturation measurements with Apple Watch can be used for new medical purposes. For example, this year Apple is participating in a study by the University of California in Irvine and Anthem to find out whether repeated measurements of saturation and other physiological signals have a positive effect on the treatment and relief of asthma symptoms.

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) is available from 429 euros and Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular) is available from 529 euros. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) is available to order today from and the Apple Store app, and will be available Friday, September 18 in the United States, Puerto Rico and 27 other countries and regions. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular) is also available to order today and will be available in the United States, Puerto Rico and 21 other countries and regions.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch SE

Apple has also announced the Apple Watch SE. An Apple Watch with all essential features in a popular modern design, but at a much more affordable price. The Apple Watch SE (GPS) is available from 299 euros and the Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) is available from 349 euros.

Apple Watch SE (GPS) is available to order today from and the Apple Store app, with availability beginning Friday, September 18 in the US, Puerto Rico and 27 other countries and regions.

“Apple Watch SE combines elements of the Series 6 design with the most essential features of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO. “We’re proud to offer another great new option that includes everything you need to stay connected, be more active and monitor your health.”

Apple Watch SE

After a short introduction by Tim Cook about the iPad, which has been around for 10 years now. Ted Merendino, iPad product manager, will tell you all about the new iPad.

Ted Merendino announces the new iPad.

iPad 8th gen

Apple today introduced an eighth-generation iPad with the fast A12 Bionic chip, bringing the entry-level iPad series to a Neural Engine for the first time. Starting at $ 329, the most popular and affordable iPad offers unprecedented bang for the buck, including a 10.2-inch Retina display, advanced cameras, and a full-day battery. iPad can be ordered from today and will be in stores from Friday September 18.

“We’re thrilled with this eighth-generation iPad, which is not only faster but also offers more capabilities,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “The new iPad has a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display, the super-fast A12 Bionic chip, great cameras and lots of other great things, so you get a lot for your money. And that’s a good thing, since our customers now need a versatile and fast device on which they can work from home, do homework, play games and keep in touch. ”

A12 Bionic with Neural Engine

iPad of the eighth generation has become much faster thanks to the A12 Bionic chip. For example, the CPU works 40 percent faster and the graphics performance is twice as high. As a result, this new iPad is up to twice as fast as the best-selling Windows laptop, up to three times as fast as the best-selling Android tablet, and up to six times as fast as the best-selling Chromebook. iPad now has an A12 Bionic with Neural Engine for the first time. This makes advanced machine learning possible, for example for People Occlusion and Motion Capture in AR apps (augmented reality), better photo editing, Siri and many more applications.

Thanks to the A12 Bionic, all the features in iPadOS and Apple Pencil (1st generation), the new iPad is ideal for writing, among other things, but you can just as easily make notes or annotate files on it. Plus, iPad is light, portable, and extremely robust, along with super-fast mobile internet, gigabit-class LTE 4 support, and a full-day battery so you can use it anywhere you want for anything and everything. . And with Touch ID, one finger is all it takes to unlock your iPad while keeping all your important data protected.

apple_ipad-8th gene
Apple iPad 8th gen

iPad Air

And finally, Apple also launched an all-new iPad Air, the most powerful, versatile and colorful iPad Air ever. Available in five colors, this new model boasts an all-screen design with a larger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, camera and sound upgrades, a new Touch ID sensor located in the top button. is built in and the powerful A14 Bionic chip for a massive performance boost. The new iPad Air will be available from next month.

“We are proud to present this completely redesigned and much more powerful iPad Air, which runs on our most powerful chip ever, the A14 Bionic,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “This new model features a beautiful new all-screen design, a larger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, next-generation Touch ID and a massive performance boost from the A14 Bionic chip. In this way we bring powerful professional features at an even more affordable price within reach of our customers. The new iPad Air is part of our strongest iPad line ever, together with the greatly renewed iPad Pro, the iPad of the eighth generation and the powerful new features of iPadOS 14. Plenty of choice for our customers to enjoy their daily life in all kinds of ways. enrich life. ”

The new iPad Air has been given a completely new thin and light design and is available in five beautiful colors: silver, space gray, rose gold, green and sky blue. The new all-screen design includes a larger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with 3.8 million pixels for a stunning visual experience. In addition, the device is equipped with advanced technologies such as full lamination, support for a wide color rendering (P3), True Tone and an anti-reflection coating. To give the display more space on all sides, a next-generation Touch ID sensor is built into the button on top. For example, customers can unlock their iPad Air quickly, easily and securely, log in to apps and pay with Apple Pay. iPad Air is compatible with the Magic Keyboard with its floating design and built-in trackpad, the Smart Keyboard Folio and the new Smart Folio Covers. It is also suitable for the Apple Pencil, which you can snap onto the side magnetically for docking, charging and storage.

New iPad Air
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