Apple Announces Number of App Store Users in EU for Digital Services Act

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Apple has announced the number of monthly active users of, among other things, the App Store on iOS in the EU. The company does this to comply with new European rules under the Digital Service Act. For example, the iOS App Store has 101 million monthly active users.

Under the relevant law, ‘very large platforms’ with at least 45 million active users must, among other things, provide transparency to users and researchers; Apple says it complies meets that criterion only with the App Store for iOS, but nevertheless also shares the active number of users of other smaller platforms on its own initiative. The law would have the same goal as Apple, namely to ‘protect customers against illegal content’.

The company took the total number of active users from August 2022 through January 2023 and calculated the average number of monthly users per platform based on that total. The App Store for the iOS operating system is by far Apple’s largest platform with 101 million active monthly users in the European Union. The App Store for iPadOS and macOS are already significantly smaller, and Apple records less than one million monthly active users of the watchOS App Store, Apple Books, and Apple Podcasts.

  • iOS App Store: 101 million
  • iPadOS App Store: 23 million
  • macOS App Store: 6 million
  • tvOS App Store: 1 million
  • watchOS App Store: less than 1 million
  • Apple Books: Less than 1 million
  • Podcasts, paid subscription: less than 1 million
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