Appie app will make your debit card superfluous

Your entire cart full of loads, busy at the cash register, you are finally ready, and then you find out that your wallet is still at home. The best happens, but it is not natural. In the future this is probably a thing of the past, because leaving your home without your smartphone will never happen to you. And pay at the checkout that you simply with the Appie App.

Try out

Without a debit card to the supermarket and arrange the whole shopping trip with the Appie app: in the short term in two Albert Heijn stores in Utrecht and Haarlem. A trial will start with digital payment. Participants in the test can use the Appie app not only for their shopping list and scanning the messages from June 20, but also the checkout is easy and fast with the app. You no longer have to pass a checkout point and you can, after payment with the barcode in the app, leave the store.

Three months

Customers with a personal Bonus card who do their shopping with a mobile self scan at Albert Heijn Ella Fitzgeraldplein in Utrecht and Soendaplein in Haarlem have the scoop. They are invited to test digital payments in their store for the next three months.

With the introduction of digital payments, customers can make the whole shopping trip, from shopping list to checkout, with the Appie app:

  • compose the shopping list and put it in order of the shop routing
  • scan the messages with mobile self scan and let them automatically print
  • digitally pay by choosing in the app to pay by phone

Android only [19659003] In the first phase of this trial, only digital payment can be made with Android devices. Payment is made via iDeal or with a credit card. After payment, the customer no longer has to go past the payment post and they can use the barcode in the app through the gate on the pay court to leave the store. In the beginning of July there will be expanded to a total of six stores and the functionality is also available for iOS.

Customer convenience

Digital payment is one of the innovations introduced by Albert Heijn to offer convenience and choice when shopping. Other examples are the personal shopping list the super fast delivery service Rappie and personal offers on the hand scanner.


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