Apex Legends update introduces higher level and more rewards

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Respawn Entertainment is introducing a patch for Apex Legends on December 3, which includes increasing the maximum level from 100 to 500. This change will lead to the ability to earn more free Apex Packs.

Respawn says players have been asking for more free Apex Packs and a higher maximum level. With the update of December 3, the developer responds to those wishes. For example, the maximum level goes to 500 and the total number of experience points required for level 100 is reduced by five percent. In addition, between levels 20 and 58, fewer experience points are needed to level up, which should make it easier for new players to rank up faster.

This increase in the maximum level to 500 means that players can earn a total of 199 Apex Packs. That is 154 more than the number of packages that can be earned for free so far. Between levels 2 and 20, a package per level follows and between levels 22 and 300, a package is available for every two levels. That goes to one Apex Pack for every five levels for players level 305 or above.

The developer also announces that some of these changes will be introduced retroactively, as it were. This means that all players who are currently level 100 will immediately receive 14 Apex Packs starting December 3rd. That number follows based on the changes mentioned above, which will result in players receiving a total of 59 Apex Packs on their way to level 100 with the new system; previously that number was 45.

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