Angry customers accuse Telenet of price discrimination

A group of 3000 angry Telenet customers has declared internet provider Telenet in default. According to the organizer, Telenet treats subscribers in a ‘discriminatory manner’, because only actively complaining customers can negotiate a discount on the subscription costs.

The action group behind the website, founded after Telenet announced a controversial price increase, believes that Telenet customers who actively complain via social media or contacting the helpdesk can receive discounts. However, the discount granted would differ: sometimes customers would receive a discount of 5 euros for a year and in other cases a discount of 8.50 euros per month. Sometimes the rent of the Digicorder is waived for a year. However, customers who do not actively protest will not receive any discount, according to the action group.

According to the action group, Telenet treats customers in a discriminatory manner because of this attitude. The cable operator’s goal would be to stop the protests. The organizers state that 3000 customers have now declared Telenet in default out of anger at the attitude of the ISP. In the notice of default, Telenet is requested to treat its customers equally and to inform them better.

Kurt Buysse, one of the organizers of the protest, states that various bodies have also been written to by angry customers, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the BIPT regulator and a few ministers. Telenet has not yet responded to the notice of default. So far, the cable company has refused to reverse the price increase.