Android 12 Go should make budget smartphones faster

Google has shared more information about the Go version of Android 12. The new version of Android Go should ensure that apps can start up faster and that the phone’s battery lasts longer.

In a blog, Google writes about Android 12 Go that will be released next year. Android Go was first released in 2017 for Android 8.1. It is a lighter version of Google’s smartphone operating system, aimed at the budget segment of Android smartphones.

Google claims that Android 12 Go makes apps start 30 percent faster compared to Android 11 Go. In addition, Google is making a SplashScreen API available, so developers can show their app users something if they have to wait a while for the app to load.

Furthermore, the battery life with Android 12 Go should be greatly improved. Putting apps to sleep faster when not in use helps smartphones use less power. Furthermore, Google is adding the ability to share apps with other Android users who are nearby. Also, Android 12 Go gets the privacy dashboard introduced with Android 12.

In addition to Android 12 Go, a version of Android 12 has also been announced that is aimed at large screen devices. In October, Google presented the plans for Android 12L and a beta for Pixel phones is now also available.