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an IKEA delivery service with rickshaws

In the Netherlands we have to get the shelves and screws at IKEA themselves, but at the very first IKEA store in India they deliver it just at your door. Items are not only loaded into boring IKEA trucks if you have something delivered at home in India. There are hundreds of cheerful rickshaws, including drivers, waiting and eager to deliver stuff. Rickshaws? Yes, of those typical carts with a few wheels that criss-cross all streets in India.

IKEA India

This provides colorful scenes for the IKEA in India. The front of the rickshaws is blue and yellow and the roof has a cloth with floral print. The banks also have their own print. And that is not all. The carts are charged with solar energy from 4000 solar panels on the roof of the new IKEA.

At the opening of the first IKEA in India, it was chaos. People sniffed along in the aisles of the residential chain. It is probably only a matter of time before people discover that you can steal pencils in IKEA and test all the couches and beds you want. And of course the Swedish balls eat, an extra large portion. Although, in the IKEA in India they do not have the traditional Swedish balls as we know them here. They do have chicken meatballs, which will probably taste good too …

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