American TV streaming service Aeroo files for bankruptcy

Aeroo has filed for bankruptcy. The American company allowed internet users to watch television via a streaming portal, but the start-up soon had to close its doors. The options to make a new start have proved too difficult.

In June, US judges ruled that Aereo was infringing the copyright of television channels with its high-profile service. The company used thousands of tiny antennas to pick up the TV signals. Customers could subscribe to the streaming service for eight dollars a month. The TV channels complained that their images were passed on without compensation and the court agreed. Aereo had to pay license fees to stop breaking the law.

Aereo announced a few weeks later that it wanted to make a new start. The organization would then go through life as a cable company, but that idea never got off the ground. The company was unable to overcome the financial obstacles that Aereo encountered and therefore files for bankruptcy.