AMD turnover rises by 70 percent, but profit falls

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AMD achieved more than 70 percent more turnover in the past quarter than in the same quarter last year. AMD achieved significantly higher sales in all major product categories. Despite the record quarter, net profit fell by about 37 percent.

Total earned AMD in the past quarter about $6.55 billion, a record for the American tech manufacturer. Net profit, on the other hand, fell to $447 million from $710 million in the same quarter last year. This is partly due to a significant increase in operating expenses of more than 150 percent and the “write-off of intangible assets” for the Xilinx and Pensando acquisitions.

Products within the Client and Gaming categories accounted for revenue increases of 25 and 32 percent, respectively. The two divisions, responsible for consumer CPUs and GPUs, account for the bulk of AMD’s revenue each year. The company cites recent high prices as a driver for the increases in these categories.

In contrast, the largest increases occurred within the Data Center and Embedded divisions. Turnover increases of 83 and 2228 percent respectively were recorded there. In the case of data centers, a very successful quarter was reported due to the popularity of EPYC products. The enormous increase in the Embedded branch was caused by the addition of the figures of Xilinx, which had already been acquired, figures that were reported separately until last quarter. Previously, AMD only achieved a few tens of millions of dollars in sales within this category; that has now become almost 1.3 billion dollars.

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