AMD Introduces Radeon R7 250X

AMD announced the Radeon R7 250X on Monday. The new video card is actually nothing more than a Radeon 7770 GHz Edition with a different name and a different introductory price. The R7 250X has a suggested retail price of $100.

The Radeon R7 250X is built around a 28nm Cape Verde GPU with 640 stream processors. The clock speed is 1GHz, the memory runs at 4.5GHz and AMD comes with configurations with 1GB and 2GB gddr5. The card supports DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.3, as well as AMD’s new Mantle API.

The specifications correspond to those of the Radeon 7770 GHz Edition, the fastest variant of the HD 7770, which AMD released in early 2012. The big difference with that release is the introductory price. Where at the time a suggested retail price of $159 was maintained, it is now $100. That is converted 72 euros, but it is not known exactly what the euro prices will be. The 7770 GHz Edition is still available for less than 100 euros. The main competitor to the R7 250X is Nvidia’s GTX 650, which underperforms.