Alan Wake, Control And Upcoming Game Are In ‘Remedy Connected Universe’

Control and Alan Wake, both games from Finnish game developer Remedy, are in the same fictional universe, which is also reflected in the upcoming DLC ​​for Control. In addition, the studio is working on its next game, which is in the same universe.

Last week, Remedy announced in the PlayStation State of Play presentation that the next Control dlc, called AWE, will be released on August 27. The trailer, like all of Control, is cryptic, but it looks like both Alan Wake and the town of Bright Falls are making an appearance for the first time since the original 2010 game. Observant fans already suspected this.

In a blog post a day later, Remedy frontman Sam Lake announces that Alan Wake and Control not only share a universe, but that their next game will also be in that universe. It is not yet clear what the degree of ‘cross-fertilization’ between these and the other games will be.

On August 13, two weeks before the new Control Dlc comes out, Remedy will show the first gameplay footage from the DLC. This is done through Remedy’s Twitch channel. The DLC will arrive simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 27. Control also comes in upgraded form to the next generation of consoles.

Trailer was part of PlayStation State of Play, August 6, 2020