‘Airbus was the target of ICT attack via partner companies’

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In recent months, the French concern Airbus has been the target of ICT attacks carried out via four suppliers, including the British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Various sources report this to the AFP news agency.

Airbus is regularly under attack with attacks, but in recent months there have been “four major attacks” on the European aerospace giant, multiple sources from security circles report to AFP. The attacks took place via French consultancy Expleo, British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and two French Airbus subcontractors.

The attack would have gone through the partner companies because the security of Airbus itself would be difficult to break immediately. For example, the attack on Expleo targeted the VPN that the company used to connect to Airbus. That attack would have been discovered at the end of 2018 but have been going on for some time. The intrusions into the systems of the other Airbus partners are said to be sophisticated and comparable.

The attacks were aimed at getting hold of technical certification documents. Documents contain, among other things, the various safety requirements that parts of an aircraft must meet. These documents are important for countries that want to develop their own aircraft. In addition, data was stolen about the engine of the military transport aircraft A400M and the criminals searched for details about the engine of the A350 and electronic systems that aid in its control.

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