A lens on your helmet that projects apps

Head up display (HUD) is a technique that projects information directly into the field of vision, rather than on a dashboard. This technique is used, for example, in aircraft. The pilot then sees all the information for himself. Also in the car you can, for example, see the current speed in the windscreen with the Hudway app. This would be safer than having to look downwards while driving.

Hudway Sight

The HUD technique is also used in special helmets. As an extension of this, Hudway comes with Hudway Sight. This system can be attached to any helmet. It consists of two parts. A lens can be attached to the front of the helmet. At the back of the helmet you can attach a part that transfers information from your smartphone to the lens. A small projector in the lens then projects the information onto the lens. It is also legible in the bright sun, because the brightness adjusts automatically to the environment by a light sensor.

Apps on the lens

You can choose what you want to see on the lens on your smartphone. Navigation apps, traffic reports or your speed and distance. Apps that are not related to traffic can also be projected. Setting up music, viewing messages and making calls are also possible, for example. On the one hand it is safer not to have to look down on the display every time. On the other hand, you may also wonder if it does not distract too much from traffic, since you can also project other apps on the lens.