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Why does Apple want to take over a magazine publisher?

Cracks start to dominate Apple so it looks: the company announces later today the figures for the last quarter and although those figures will not be bad at all, the stranger distortion around figures for one of the most successful companies in the world here too and is only insanely good enough. We have already heard that the iPhone X has underperformed in many countries and the figures probably agree.

It will not be a coincidence that the rumors around the new iPhones indicate that there are more cheaper models besides the SE 2 because the smartphone market has become so homogeneous that Apple’s iPhones (still their biggest moneymaker) are simply no longer so special compared to the Chinese competition that do not just copy the form and specifications at the factory and then sell them for less money. So another course must be sailed slowly.

Takeover Condé Nast

rumors that Apple plans to buy Condé Nast, a publisher who is already in trouble in spite of successful titles such as Vogue, Glamor and Vanity Fair . This is fueled by the Texture acquisition that Apple did last month. Texture is a kind of Netflix but for magazines and part of Condé Nast. In Cupertino people seem convinced of the possibilities offered by online subscriptions for magazines, so the takeover would be logical at that point.

However, it is a selection for Apple, from hardware maker to a brand that focuses on lifestyle, luxury accessories such as Apple Watch and – increasingly – content. It has been around for a while and analysts have the idea that Apple does not quite know what it is doing. For example, at Condé Nast, the question is how Apple could make the company profitable again. In any case, they will have to have a good plan for online subscriptions, because the paper magazines are dropping further and the advertising revenues (which those magazines are supposed to have) are declining further and further.

Content race

Although the takeover of Nast is a big move, that does not change the fact that the written word is less popular as video or music. The video plans from Apple are there, but effectively they do not have much more than Carpool Karaoke, which does pretty well but does not come close to a colossus like Netflix. The rumors that Apple wanted to take over sounded so credible because the company from Cupertino really has to go if they want to participate in the video race.

Also in terms of music it does not run as it should. Apple is well on the road with Apple Music in the US, but years went to fuss beforehand, as a result of which competitors such as Spotify could get a considerable advantage . Apple will therefore have to spend some money to keep up, because if they lose the content race from parties such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, they will soon depend entirely on their hardware to make them the world’s highest rated brand. stay. If today’s figures are any indication, it will be a difficult match.

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