50 percent fewer hacked Google accounts since mandatory two-step verification

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According to Google, the number of compromised accounts has halved since the tech giant enabled two-step verification for 150 million accounts. Google underlines its decision to require two-step verification.

Google shares the results of its new sign-in policy on International Safer Internet Day. This day is used annually to draw attention to safe and responsible internet use. According to Google, since the introduction of two-step verification, the number of hacked accounts has decreased by 50 percent.

In May last year, Google decided to make two-step verification mandatory for 150 million accounts. Just like for 2 million YouTubers. As a result, users could no longer log in with just a password, but a login attempt also had to be approved on, for example, a smartphone.

Google wants to go even further in the future. The company envisions a future without passwords. Google is not alone in this. Microsoft also took steps last year to ensure that accounts are no longer protected with a password.

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