Artificial Intelligence can make cancer treatments less toxic

Not only the disease itself is devastating, but also the treatment of cancer has a major impact on the body and the mind. How liberating would it be if only the treatment itself would be a little less unbearable? Artificial Intelligence can help with this.

Artificial Intelligence for treatments

With machine learning, researchers at MIT have tried to reduce the toxicity of the medication in brain cancer. Treatments consist of medication and radiation therapy. The side effects of this are often violent. Artificial Intelligence is now being used to investigate the lowest dose that is still effective. Thus the side effects will be minimal.

How does that work? AI is trained by current treatments. The system adjusts the dose to the optimal treatment for a tumor. In 50 treatments the system halved the dose compared to the doctor’s advice. If the system did something good, it got a positive number and if not, a negative number. Because of this the system teaches itself something.

Doctors replace?

The system will never take over the tasks of a physician, but is a good guideline that gives doctors guidelines to consider other options for treatments. It can be the way to safer and more effective treatments.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in healthcare, from finding new medication to diagnosing. Promising!


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