1Password now lets users share passwords via link

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Password Manager 1Password introduces the new Psst! feature that allows users to share passwords and notes via a link. Users who are not 1Password customers can also access the shared links and receive passwords.

Sharing passwords via a single link is possible according to 1Password via the 1Password website or via the app. There, users can click on the password to be shared, after which they can generate a link with the share button. A user can set how long a link should remain active and who can open the link. That can be anyone who receives the link or a specific user. In the latter case, a check will take place based on the email address.

A recipient who receives a 1Password-generated link is redirected to a web page containing the shared password. Users who first have to verify their identity via an e-mail address, will receive a one-time six-digit code by e-mail after entering their e-mail address. This code must be entered to gain access to the password.

1Password states that when a user changes his or her shared password, it will not be changed in the generated link. After all, that link contains a copy of the password that was created at a specific time.

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