18 Apple HomeKit products: the big overview

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The range becomes larger, the prices lower and the ease of use better. Smart devices are very popular. The ideal moment to build your HomeKit dream house. Whether it’s the living room, garage or kitchen: thanks to the huge range of HomeKit devices you can make your entire house smart. In this overview you can see which Apple HomeKit products are available – some of the products mentioned will receive support in the future, we will report that separately.

1. Roller blinds

The curtains roll down as the sun sets. In the morning they open automatically and you use the system as a kind of wake-up light. The smart curtains open and close even when you are on holiday – good for your burglary prevention.

HomeKit products: Ikea Kadrilj (HomeKit support follows)

2. Conclusion

Thanks to the smart lock, your iPhone is the key to your home. You leave your iPhone in the bag or trouser pocket and the lock automatically opens when you carry that fully loaded shopping bag to your front door. You also give acquaintances access to your house through the app and you close the doors while watching Netflix.

HomeKit products:Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, DanaLock V3

3. Doorbell

You do not have to peek through a peephole. With a smart doorbell you can see who’s at the front door from the couch. When moving up to a few meters, the doorbell sends you a notification, including HD images.

HomeKit products:Robin ProLine Doorbell, Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell (HomeKit support follows)

4. Lighting

With the push of a button you create the ideal setting for a movie night. The lights flash red when the alarm system goes off. And if you close the door behind you, they will turn off automatically.

HomeKit products:Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri

5. Thermostat

Tell Siri that the temperature in the living room must be 21 degrees Celsius and the smart thermostat does its work. Because it can also be operated outdoors, you can already heat up your house when you are driving home.

HomeKit products:Fibaro Thermostatic valve, Netatmo Intelligent Thermostat

6. Ceiling fan

If the inside temperature is above 25 ° C, blades from the ceiling fan provide a cooling breeze.

HomeKit products:Hunter Symphony

7. Smoke detector

A smart smoke detector not only gives a sound signal, but also a notification via your iPhone. That way you are also aware of the danger when you are not at home.

HomeKit products:Eve Smoke, Netatmo Smoke Detector

8. Flood sensor

You do not have to worry about major water damage, because this sensor immediately sends a message when it detects water.

HomeKit products:Fibaro Flood Sensor

With a smart outlet you can make every device in your house smart. For example, make sure your coffee maker starts at 7:30 am to take care of your morning cup.

HomeKit products: Eve Energy Strip, Fibaro Wall Plug, Ikea Tradfri

10. Motion sensor

The movement sensors ensure that the lights switch on automatically when you walk into a room. You will also receive a notification if the device detects movement, while no one is at home.

HomeKit products:Fibaro Motion Sensor, Eve Motion

11. Outdoor camera

The smart outdoor camera keeps you informed of what is happening outside your house. When moving, the built-in outdoor lamp comes on, so that intruders are literally in the spotlight.

HomeKit products:Netatmo Presence

12. Lawn mower

Is the grass a little too high for you? Order Siri to mow the grass.

HomeKit products:Gardena Sileno City 250 (HomeKit support follows)

13. Sprayer

While you relax on your lounge set, the water regulator will water your garden at the moment you have indicated.

HomeKit products:Eve Aqua, Gardena Smart Water Control

14. Television

Say “Hey Siri, play Game of Thrones on my television” and the speech assistant does his job.

HomeKit products: Different 2019 models from Samsung, LG and Sony

15. Air conditioning

If you navigate home during hot summers, the air conditioning ensures a cool arrival.

HomeKit products:Tado Smart Air Conditioner V3 +

16. Sun protection

With one touch on the screen, the sunblind goes down to keep the heat out.

HomeKit products:Somfy tubular motor

17. Indoor camera

The indoor camera has face recognition and immediately warns you when an intruder enters your home. The camera will send you a notification – complete with a photo of the face and a video recording.

HomeKit products:Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

18. Speaker

When you leave the house, the music automatically stops playing. In case of an unwanted visit, the speaker switches on automatically – and loudly too. You can add any speaker with AirPlay 2 to the Home app. For example, it works with the new home cinema system from Teufel, which brings in surround sound.

HomeKit products: Sonos One, IKEA Symfonisk


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