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Snapchat will try a different design anyway

The great redesign of Snapchat was not a success. The ordinary users had seen it immediately and revolted familiar users wondered if it was time to try something else, but Snap Inc. threw the protests into the corner. Users just had to get used to it, and then it would be okay. That went differently.

The new old Snapchat

After all the negative publicity (where Snapchat lost 1.3 billion dollars in value on the stock market), it was already promised that the design of the app. Apparently enough has been done to do a closed test among users, hopefully with the result that everyone is happy with the app.

The changes so far seem to be mainly in the friends and discover screens, saysBright. If you look at friends in the new design, you have separate tabs for adding people, groups, stories, and chats. So you can just watch stories again, fortunately also in chronological order. Hopefully, that will make the users of Snapchat more cheerful as the update rolls out for everyone.

When that is? That is the big question, but Snap does not want to say anything about it at the moment. It will take a while, but in view of the reactions to the previous change, they will certainly want to know that it works well and does their best to get this new version on the market as quickly as possible.

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