12 useful Facebook functions that you probably don’t know

Everyone now knows how the thumbs up works and how you place a message on your timeline yourself – but there is so much more! Facebook has more options than you think possible and in this article, we highlight 12 useful Facebook functions.


Useful Facebook functions

We secretly give the thirteenth tip. Because we are also active on Facebook, where we regularly give all kinds of iPhone tips. Are you already following us?

1. Facebook functions privacy

Can everyone just see everything you put on your timeline? Rather not. Via the three lines, “Settings and privacy> Settings> Privacy settings”, you determine who can see what you are doing.

2. One on one

Messages like “How is your ingrown nail doing?” Or “Aunt Truus” parakeet is dead! “You shouldn’t put it on someone’s timeline, because others read with it. You conduct one-to-one conversations via Messenger (another app), accessible via this icon.

3. Download everything

What has Facebook saved all about you? You download your complete archive via the three dashes, “Settings and privacy> Settings> Download your data”.

4. Where are you logged in?

You can see that through the three dashes, “Settings and privacy> Settings> Security and registration> Where are you logged in”. Do you see a strange device or in a crazy country? Log out immediately!

5. Your activity

All your likes, comments and more at a glance? Go to your profile, tap the gray button next to “Edit profile,” and choose “Activity log.” Via the three dots you remove things that you regret.

6. No, not him!

Share a post with everyone except one person? Type your message, tap “Everyone” above and then “Friends except”. Specify here who should not see the message.

7. Someone’s snooze

Is someone continuing to post annoying posts? Tap the three dots next to a post. Choose “[Name] 30 days snoozing” or – slightly more drastically – “no longer follow”. You remain friends!

8. Colorful posts

Some words trigger animations. Just respond with: you’re the best, best wishes, congratulations, xoxo. The words are marked with a color.

9. Nostalgia

View joint old messages and photos of one of your friends back! Go to that friend’s profile, tap the three dots and “View Friendship.”

10. Facebook videos silent

Via the three dashes, “Settings and privacy> Settings> Videos and photos> Automatic playback> – Never play videos automatically”, silence your videos.

11. Your profile

How do strangers see your profile? Tap the three dots on your profile and ‘View as’. Not anonymous enough? Adjust your privacy settings – see tip 1.

12. Set Facebook limit

Spending too much time on Facebook? Tap the lines again and then “Settings and privacy> Your time on Facebook”. Is the graph too bad? Set a time limit via the alarm clock. With an iPhone you can of course also use Screen Time.


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