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100,000 times Nissan Leaf in Europe

Nissan has now delivered the 100,000th Leaf in Europe. A milestone that regards Nissan as a major victory for electric mobility.

Partly thanks to the excellent sales results of the new and the previous generation Nissan Leaf within Europe, the model has become one of the best-selling electric cars in the world. With more than 37,000 sold units of the latest generation in Europe, a Nissan Leaf is now sold every 10 minutes.

The new Leaf is the first model in Europe with the ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park technology from Nissan. The EV also features the so-called e-Pedal that allows drivers to start, accelerate, brake and stop by increasing or decreasing pressure on the pedal.

Nissan Europe

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director at Nissan Europe: “It’s no surprise to us that the Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car in the world, and we have been working on an electrically powered volume model for much longer than we another brand and proud that we can offer an affordable visionary car in Europe, we have managed to create a 100% electric vehicle for the masses in less than 10 years.This milestone proves once more that our Nissan Intelligent Mobility-vision is embraced by customers who believe in a more sustainable, exciting and more connected future. ”

2 billion kilometers

In Europe Leaf-drivers have together more than 2 billion kilometers and saved over 300,000 tons of CO 2 . They also provide a customer satisfaction score of 92% – more than any other Nissan model.

The leaf also guarantees a completely new driving experience, designed to offer more fun, confidence and connectivity. It is the epitome of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which takes a path towards a future in which intelligent power, intelligent drive and intelligent integration come together.

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