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Samsung invests 35 million euros in Niantic games for Galaxy smartphones

Samsung wants to install a number of exclusive games on its smartphones, including a Harry Potter title, through a collaboration with game developer Niantic. With the deal, around 35 million euros would be converted. The Inquirer reports this

According to the unnamed source of The Inquirer the partnership with Niantic, best known for the Pokémon Go franchise, will be announced within a few weeks. Earlier, the South Korean tech giant already signed a similar agreement with Epic Games around the game Fortnite. That has since been present at home on every Galaxy Note 9.

Although Samsung would be interested in multiple Niantic titles, according to the source, the company mainly relies on an exclusive Harry Potter game, where the S Pen that accompanies certain Galaxy devices as a magic wand. It is not yet clear whether it is a version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which is planned for 2019, or a game that is specially developed for Samsung.

According to the same source of The Inquirer would also include the location-based game Ingress but the popular Pokémon Go is not part of the deal.

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