Zotac shows mini-PCs in Zbox Q-line equipped with Nvidia Quadro-gpus

Zotac has presented new mini-PCs in its Zbox line. These are three systems that the manufacturer refers to as ‘miniature workstations’. The PCs are equipped with a Quadro-gpu from Nvidia.

Zotac has not released detailed specifications but only mentions that the Quadro GPUs are the P1000 and P5000 and the models between them. The models bear the names QK5P1000, QK7P3000 and QK7P5000, with a Quadro-gpu with the same designation. The last year announced P1000 has 640 cuda cores and 4GB gddr5 memory. For the P5000 this is 2560 cores and 16GB gddr5. According to Zotac, all Q models are equipped with a Core i5 or i7.
In terms of connectivity, the mini-PCs have a double gigabit ethernet connection, wifi-ac, bluetooth 4.2, usb 3.0 and hdmi 2.0. The memory is expandable to a maximum of 32GB ddr4-ram and there is space for a m2-ssd and a 2.5-inch drive.According to Zotac, only the QK5P1000 is equipped with a vesa-mount, so that it can be mounted on the wall, for example The housing of the PCs is made of aluminum.
Zotac says nothing about prices and availability.The separate GPUs based on the Pascal architecture cost around 350 euros in the case of the P1000 and around 2000 euros for the P5000.