Milestone launches motocross game MXGP Pro on June 29

Milestone has announced MXGP Pro. The Italian developer releases the motocross game on June 29 for the PlayStation 4, for the Xbox One and on Steam. According to Milestone, the game is a new start of the franchise.

Milestone promises more realism in MXGP Pro and says that the game was developed based on feedback from the community. The game has a more ‘mechanical’ approach; According to the studio, players can set each parameter of their motocross bike, based on actual values ​​and performance data.
In addition, the game gets new physics and a revised system for grip, collisions and the behavior that the motorcycles show the air. Milestone also states that the motions of the engines and drivers are realistic and influenced by the different terrain types.
Milestone has entered into a partnership with motor racers Tim Gasjer, Tony Cairoli and Gautier Paulin. According to the studio, the game is more realistic thanks to their suggestions.