Zombies Added to Call of Duty Mobile

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One of the most popular modes of Call of Duty has been added to Call of Duty: Mobile. It is about Zombies, in which you get hordes of zombies that you need to finish as efficiently as possible. This new mode is only temporarily available for the first-person shooter.

Call of Duty: Mobile

You can choose a Raid or an Endless Survival within Zombies. You can now play it in one folder, namely Shi No Numa. In other words: the Japanese jungle, it is swampy and it smells like decaying meat. Sounds familiar? You can know this map from Call of Duty: World at War, but now you will see that it has been specially adapted to work well on mobile devices. You can play zombies on your own or with a maximum of three others.

The idea of ​​Zombies mode is to take out the undead with just a gun and a knife. You can, however, repair windows to earn points, in addition to the points that you will, of course, receive for the conversion of those disintegrating heaps of ex-human. With this, you can get better equipment and weapons, but you can also unlock new parts. There is also an ultimate boss (The Abomination) at the end of the Raid mode, so you need some power for that. Although your character will heal if he is not hit for five seconds.

The reason you have to fix windows is because those zombies like to come to you through windows. They break the windows and come loose, so you have to ensure that the windows are constantly being repaired to give them an additional obstacle. Zombies are not the only thing that comes to the mobile game, because the second season also starts. This gives players new weapons, equipment, gestures and sprays for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale. The Raid mode, where you always have to handle waves of zombies, can be played on both Normal (8 rounds) and Heroic (12 rounds).


Zombies is a mode that has been loved for many years within Call of Duty, which normally tries to stay a little closer to real life. It first appeared in the Treyarch game Call of Duty: World at War in 2008, but has already made a comeback in several CoD games. In World at War, it was a mini-game revolving around Nazi Zombies coming at you in waves and knocking you down as quickly as possible. That never changed completely, so some new variants have emerged.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Zombies is now available for Call of Duty Mobile on iOS and Android. By the way, there is a catch: you only get Zombies if you have Level 5 in CoD: Mobile.

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