Failure at Tele2 due to cable break affects government agencies – update 3

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Tele2 has a malfunction with its fixed services on Monday afternoon. According to the provider, this is due to a cable break at a third party. Various government services and municipalities are therefore not or only poorly accessible.

Tele2 writes on its forum that ‘some of the customers’ have problems with fixed internet. The provider’s customer service is also ‘less accessible’ as a result. Several government agencies and municipalities that use the provider’s services indicate that they are unreachable by telephone.

The website reported the outage at 12:10 p.m. Due to the outage, the digital services are not available. Locations and departments of the Judiciary cannot be reached by telephone either.

Inspection organization RDW was also affected by the malfunction. On its website, the organization writes that it is a national telephony failure. Reports on All Disruptions also indicate that Tele2 customers across the country are experiencing problems.

Update 15:47: The cause is probably Eurofiber, notes tweaker BlitzerNL. Eurofiber writes that there is an incident in Arnhem. A technician is on site to determine the damage. Tele2 has a partnership with Eurofiber.

Update 2, 16:53: Tele2 Business confirms that the malfunction is related to the indicator and reports that the malfunction is expected to be resolved between 20:00 and 22:00.

Update 3, 5:50 PM: Eurofiber reports that the expected repair time will be around midnight.

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