YouTuber Remakes Super Mario Bros. in Unreal engine with face Chris Pratt

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YouTuber Re-Imagined Games is making a remake of Super Mario Bros. in the Unreal Engine. The YouTuber says he is a big fan of Nintendo and is looking forward to the upcoming Super Mario animated movie. That’s why he incorporated the face of actor Chris Pratt into the game.

The Super Mario Bros. remake includes according to Re-Imagined a title screen, some playable levels and a realistic portrayal of American actor Chris Pratt who will voice Mario in the upcoming Super Mario movie. The YouTuber says he has no experience with game development and had to get to know the tools in the Unreal Engine on his own.

The video shows how the game’s power-up system presented some challenges for the YouTuber. Re-Imagined Games claims it has taken three months to get to this point in the development process and is said to have also designed three new levels that are not found in the original game. After portraying Chris Pratt as Mario, YouTuber Re-Imagined Games is now working on portraying American actor Jack Black as Bowser.

Nintendo announced last year that actors Chris Pratt, Jack Black and Seth Rogen will be casting their voices for the upcoming animated Mario movie. Pratt will voice Mario, while Black will bring Bowser to life. The American actress Anya Taylor-Joy will provide the voice of Peach. Other actors include Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key and Kevin Michael Richardson, who will voice the voices of Luigi, Toad and Kamek respectively. The Super Mario film is made by Illumination Entertainment, the maker of the Abominable Me and Minions films, among others. In April of this year, Nintendo announced that the Mario animated film will be released in the spring of 2023. The film has been in the works since 2017.

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