YouTube shows new design with Dark Mode for desktop browsers

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YouTube is working on a new layout for desktop browsers and is already letting users try it out. The design is simplified and uses the Polymer library. There is also a Dark Mode, which should make watching movies in dark environments more pleasant.

In a blog post, YouTube says a select number of users will get a taste of the new layout. The video site wants to collect feedback with this. Users can see the new design by navigating to in their browser.

YouTube says it uses material design in the new design. The new design should look simpler, more consistent and more beautiful. The design is built with the Polymer library, which, according to YouTube, makes it possible to add new features quickly.

The night mode, or the Dark Theme, is the first new feature added with Polymer, according to YouTube. Dark mode is intended for use in low-light conditions. Such a function was already hidden in YouTube, but can easily be selected from the menu in the new design.

It is not yet known when all users will see the new YouTube design. Product manager Brian Marquardt emphasizes in his blog that work is still being done and that new features are being added to the design.

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