Xiaomi shows concept of smart glasses with 0.13 inch microLED panel

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Xiaomi has introduced the Smart Glasses, a concept for smart glasses with a weight of 51 grams and a microLED panel with a diameter of 0.13 inches. This allows the glasses to show notifications on the glasses.

According to Xiaomi, the Smart Glasses is not intended as an extra screen for a smartphone, but as a wearable that should function independently of a smartphone. For this, the concept glasses must have an Arm quadcore, battery, touchpad and WiFi and Bluetooth modules. There is also a 5-megapixel camera integrated into the glasses. In total, this would involve 497 different components.

Xiaomi puts particular emphasis on the monochrome microLED panel with pixels with a size of 4μm. As a screen technology, MicroLED offers a large maximum brightness, a large color range, good viewing angles and a contrast that is comparable to OLED because individual pixels can be completely switched off. The technology is not yet production-ready for large screens, but according to Xiaomi, microLED is suitable for integration into compact structures.

The manufacturer provides that the glasses can display notifications, show routes and indicate incoming calls. It is a concept and Xiaomi does not report anything about possible availability. The company is responding to the increasing attention for smart glasses. Last week, Facebook and Ray-Ban introduced their Stories glasses.

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