Xiaomi passes name Mi 7 and announces Mi 8 smartphone next week

The next year’s Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone will be named Mi 8. The Chinese smartphone maker will hold an event next week to present his new phone, the company announced.

The phone rings Mi 8, because the company this year eight years, says Xiaomi on Twitter. It is unknown why the manufacturer now only adjusts the numbering. After the release of the Mi 4 in 2014, the numbering was out of step, because the Mi 5 only came out in 2016. Now Xiaomi pulls that right again by skipping ‘Mi 7.’

It is already known that the Mi 8 on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-soc will run. The soc, which this year in much more expensive smartphones is, can also be found in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, which came out this spring. Xiaomi said at the Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii, half a year ago, that the upcoming Mi phone would contain the soc. Xiaomi has not disclosed any other specs.
According to rumors, the device will be given a function called ‘3D Face Recognition, which would work the same as Apple Face ID on the iPhone X. There would also be a fingerprint scanner below the screen, which See is in a four-second video of SlashLeaks 
Xiaomi sold his products for years only in its home country China but has expanded in recent years. First came Xiaomi phones in India, but since last year also in Europe via Poland and Spain.