Software update: HoneyView 5.27

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 HoneyView logo (75 pix) Bandisoft has released version 5.27 of HoneyView, a free program that allows images to be viewed. It is small, fast and does not contain ad or spyware. Support is available for the most common image formats. Furthermore, it can display exif and GPS information, if present, and can also display the images as a slide show. In addition, minor operations, such as rotation, cropping and enlarging or reducing, can be performed. Since version 5.22 the following changes and improvements have been implemented:

Changes in version 5.27:

  • Update Type: Minor update
  • Fixed: File association problem in Windows 10 on the special occasion
  • Fixed: Some errors during folder navigation using [, ] key
  • New: Copy file to the clipboard as well as image data when pressing Ctrl + C
  • Minor bugs fixed

Changes in version 5.26:

  • Update Type: Minor update
  • Fixed: Can not process CIELAB or TIFF
  • Fixed: Can not read some GPS information or EXIF ​​information
  • New: Shortcut to copy resized image (Ctrl + Atl + C)
  • New: Supports 16bpp PGM / PNM
  • Several minor bugs fixed

Changes in version 5.25:

  • Update Type: Minor update
  • New: Option for WebP / PSD preview in Explorer

Changes in version 5.24:

  • Update Type: Major update
  • Bugfix: Can not recognize CBR / CBZ as an archive

Changes in version on 5.23:

  • Update Type: Major update
  • New: Preview of PSD and WebP files in Windows Explorer
  • New: Belarusian and Thai languages ​​
  • Bugfix: Can not open RGB color space Jpeg format [19659004] Bugfix: Can not open 8 BPP indexed color PSD format
  • Bugfix: Problem when showing double page view with Animation GIF
  • Minor bugs fixed


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