Xbox Series S runs backwards compatible games without Xbox One X enhancements

The Xbox Series S runs current gen games in Xbox One S mode. This means that the next-gen console does not support an Xbox One X improvement. The console does apply some of its own improvements, such as ‘auto-hdr’ and improved frame rates and loading times.

“To have the best experience with backwards compatiblegames in line with the developer’s original vision, the Xbox Series S will run the Xbox One S version of these games, “Microsoft confirms to VideoGamesChronicle, while adding some of its own enhancements to the games. the frame rates have to be higher and ‘more consistent’ are compared to the Xbox One S. The loading times must be shortened thanks to the SSD. The Series S also offers improved according to Microsoft texture filtering. Auto-HDR is also supported on the upcoming console. Backwards compatible games have to run better and smoother on the Series S than on the current Xbox One S.

At the same time, Microsoft appears to be focusing less on resolution with its Xbox Series S console, which is primarily intended for playing next-gen games at “ a 1440p resolution at 60fps, ” the company reports to VideoGamesChronicle. The current-gen Xbox One X can be used with certain games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, for example a native Show 4k resolution. This does not seem to be the case with the Series S. The Xbox One S usually plays games at maximum at a full HD resolution, although these can be scaled up to a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

Microsoft doesn’t mention why the Series S currently runs games in Xbox One S mode, but Digital Foundry speculates that this may be because the Series S has less memory than the current Xbox One X. The consoles have 10GB and 12GB of memory, respectively. Developers have 9GB at their disposal with the One X, while with the Series S this should be ‘8 to 7.5GB’. On paper, the Xbox One X also has a GPU with more computing power, but in practice the Series S will perform better due to its faster processor and the switch to a new RDNA 2 architecture for the GPU.

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S earlier this month, after footage of the console was leaked. The console will cost 300 euros, and offers less powerful hardware than the more expensive Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, the Series S is mainly intended for gaming at 1440p and supports frame rates up to 120fps. The console can play games upscaling to a 4k resolution. The Xbox Series S will be released on November 10, at the same time as the Xbox Series X.

Digital Foundry previously speculated that the Xbox Series S would run current gen games in Xbox One S mode