Xbox Series S has 3.6GHz octacore, GPU with 20 compute units and 10GB gddr6

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Microsoft has released more technical details about the Xbox Series S. The console has eight cores clocked at 3.6GHz and 10GB gddr6. The GPU has a computing power of 4 teraflops. The Series S also supports the 1TB SSD expansion that Seagate is releasing.

Specsheet Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has released a specs sheet of the Xbox Series S and provides more details in a news report. For example, Microsoft writes that the cheaper console has a ‘comparable CPU’ and offers identical I / O performance as the Xbox Series X. In a video, Microsoft goes deeper into the specifications and says that the octacore CPU runs at 3.6GHz. , and that this when using simultaneous multithreading 3.4GHz. The CPU in the Xbox Series X achieves 3.8GHz and 3.66GHz with smt.

The Series S has 10GB of gddr6 memory, of which 8GB works at a speed of 224GB / s. The Series X has more memory and it is also clocked faster. Microsoft states that the Xbox Series S has about three times the GPU computing power of the Xbox One. The original Xbox One had 1.31 teraflops of computing power; for the Series S that would be about 4 teraflops. That is consistent with previous rumors.

Although that is less than the 6 teraflops that the existing Xbox One X offers on paper, the Series S will perform better in practice due to the much faster processor, the available SSD and the switch to the new GPU architecture. In addition, the new console supports all kinds of new techniques, such as ray tracing, spatial audio and Dolby Vision for media apps and games. Games with Dolby Vision support will be released next year, Microsoft says.

In the video, Microsoft shows the loading time of The Outer Worlds on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series S. On the old console it takes 53 seconds, while it takes 12 seconds for the new Series S. Microsoft also demonstrates Quick Resume, with which players can switch between different games without having to restart them. Microsoft also shows that Gears of War 5’s multiplayer mode will run at 120fps on both the Xbox Series X and S.

The GPU in the Series S consists of 20 compute units clocked at 1565MHz. The Series X contains 56 cu’s that are also clocked higher. The graphics chip is based on the same RDNA 2.0 architecture, but is significantly less powerful than the one in the Series X. The Xbox Series S is made for gaming at 1440p resolution at 60fps and supports 120fps.

It was already known that the Xbox Series S is equipped with a smaller 512GB SSD. Microsoft now confirms that the SSD is just as fast as the one in the Series X. It also appears that the Series S, just like its more expensive and bigger brother, can be supplemented with the 1TB SSD expansion that Seagate will release for the Xbox consoles. That SSD has the same specifications as the internal SSD. The price of that SSD is not yet known, although a possible leak suggests that the Seagate SSD will cost $ 220.

Games released for next-gen Xbox consoles will be optimized for both versions, Microsoft promises. According to the manufacturer, developers make games primarily for the Xbox Series X, with support for 4k resolution. After that, the game will be optimized for the Series S, by lowering the resolution, while retaining support for all new techniques.

The Xbox Series S costs 300 euros and will be on sale from November 10; orders can be placed from September 22nd. The Xbox Series X can be purchased and ordered from the same dates, for a suggested retail price of 500 euros.

Update 17:28: Microsoft has released a specs sheet with more details of the Xbox Series S. The article has been adjusted accordingly.

Xbox Series S.
Console Xbox Series X Xbox Series S.
Processor 8 custom Zen 2 cores with smt 8 custom Zen 2 cores with smt
CPU speed 3.8GHz (3.66GHz with smt) 3.6GHz (3.4GHz with smt)
Storage 1TB, custom NVME-SSD, PCI-E 4.0
2.4GB / s uncompressed
4.8GB / s compressed
512GB, Custom NVME-SSD, PCI-E 4.0
2.4GB / s uncompressed
4.8GB / s compressed
Storage expansion 1TB SSD expansion (optional) 1TB SSD expansion (optional)
GPU 52 cu’s @ 1825MHz 20 cu’s @ 1565MHz
GPU architecture Custom RDNA 2 Custom RDNA 2
GPU computing power 12.15 Flops 4Tflops
Target resolution and fps 4k @ 60fps
Maximum 120fps
1440p @ 60fps
Maximum 120fps
Memory 16GB gddr6, 320bit 10GB gddr6
Memory speed 10GB @ 560GB / s
6GB @ 336GB / s
8GB @ 224Gbit / s
2GB @ 56GB / s
Disc drive Yes, blu-ray No
Connection HDMI 2.1 HDMI 2.1
MSRP 500 euro 300 Euro
Release date November 10 November 10
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