With iCloud+ you use your own domain for your iCloud Mail

As you may know, iCloud will get a major update soon. If you have an iCloud storage plan, you will have access to a lot of extra features of iCloud+ from September. Most of them improve your privacy, but there’s also a fun new feature for your email. Soon it will be possible to use your own email domain with iCloud Mail. You can read why that is very cool here.

Especially in ‘official’ and business situations, e-mail is still the number 1 means of communication. Google and Microsoft know this all too well, which is why users of Microsoft/Office 365 or Google Workspace can link the e-mail interface to their own domain.

You then email from your own email address and email hosting, for example, info@techwarrant.com, but via the interface of Google or Microsoft. In the future, this will also be possible with iCloud+, which means that Apple’s cloud service may become very popular in the business world.

Also for your family

On the iOS 15 website, Apple describes that you can use your own email domain (of course you must first create your own email address), and emphasizes in particular that it is useful for families who use a chic “family” domain.

Now Apple is perhaps still thinking mainly of families, but it is likely that Apple will plunge into the business market and offer the service on a larger scale. And who wouldn’t want to swap the Outlook interface at work for the fancy iCloud interface and options.

iCloud for Business

But there were more revelations during WWDC that indicate that Apple is also looking to embrace the enterprise market. In the future, it will be possible to schedule FaceTime calls as appointments in a calendar or to forward them as links. One-click is then enough to participate in the video call. In addition, FaceTime will soon also work on Android and on Windows in the browser. In this way, Apple makes its products much more widely available than before. And that would be beneficial for use in the corporate world.